Is Your Path Covered In Leaves?

I promise you that in this photograph there is a driveway, although right now it is just a bit obscured by the falling leaves of the season.  While I was looking at the leaf strewn driveway the other day, part of me was thinking about how pretty it looked meandering through the woods, and part of me was fretting over the work that would have to be done to make the driveway clear and safe to travel.  


And that's when it hit me... my leaf covered driveway was the perfect symbol for how the paths to our goals often get "fuzzy", "obscured", "covered" and sometimes even completely "hidden".  The easy fix for my driveway is to simply either use muscle and rake it clean or take a more physically gentle approach and use a leaf blower.  And because the leaf cover is not yet too deep, the driveway will once again be clear, and I will easily and safely be able to get from point A to point B, with just a little bit of extra effort. 


Figuring out how to uncover the paths to our goals though is not always that simple.  It really doesn't matter where the path is leading such as improving the health of your physical, financial, relationship or career life or even improving (or even creating) balance in your life.  If we have covered our own path with distractions, self-doubt, old stories, self-limiting beliefs, fear of change, or just lack of commitment, we might find ourselves discouraged from continuing on the path.  And no matter what the path is covered with, the longer it remains covered, the less likely we will be of achieving what we set out to achieve.  The tool we will need to uncover our path will be affected by what we have covered our paths with and the depth of the leaves.


For if we allow the "leaves" to keep piling up, pretty soon your path will no longer even exist.  So while it can be just fine to let occasional leaves scatter across your path, and you may even find wisdom and gifts in those scattered leaves, if the leaves become deeper and deeper, you may find yourself forgetting completely about what you had originally set out to do.  


If you find that my tale resonates with you, and you are looking to walk more easily on your path, here are a few suggestions: 


*Revisit your original goal and take time to write it down.  Be specific.  Be detailed.  Dream big.  Are you looking to "be healthy"?  What does being healthy for you look like and feel like?  Are you looking for life/work balance?  What does a balanced life mean for you?  Are you seeking financial security?  What do you need to be financially secure?  By taking the time to think about what your true goals are, you will be better able to define the actual path for getting there.  What do you want your life to be like in 6 months?


*Plan backwards.  Look at your 6 month goal and figure out what you need to do by the 3 month mark, by the 1 month mark, by the 1 week mark to have made progress towards that goal.


*Make intentional choices as you travel your path.  Does the choice in front of you, in this present moment, support you on your path or is it a scattered leaf that has floated down in front of you?


I hope my thoughts today inspire you.  We all have goals and paths and scattered leaves.  The key to achieving your goals for living a healthy and balanced life lies in being clear about your vision and tidying up your path when necessary.


If you want to continue this conversation and find out how a health coach can help you define and travel the path to your goals, simple Contact Me.  



                                                                          In Health and Balance,





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