A Series of Prescriptions

I’ve been reflecting a lot on my role as a holistic health coach and the path that lead me here.  Part of that path involved chronic daily pain, and oddly enough I am grateful for what that part of the journey taught me.  Without it, I am not sure I would be practicing a profession I love and connecting with amazing people who are seeking to heal and nurture health holistically. 


Now it may sound a little odd to express gratitude for the journey of chronic pain.  But if you see your life challenges as opportunities to learn a lesson for your spirit, to glean understanding, to garner strength and knowledge then it is only logical that gratitude will well up in response.


Many people around me seem to be facing life challenges — you can feel the unrest, anger, sadness, fear and hurt as it reverberates and ripples out into the pond that we all share.  And those negative feelings are not converting into those positive ones we often reference, but instead are remaining negative and creating even more hurt, more fear, more anger, more sadness and more unrest.


What can be the life lesson for all of us in the constant and abundant negative ripples that are flowing into our daily lives?  Why do they appear to be overwhelming the positive ones of love, peace, unity, justice and kindness?  How do we change the story? 


I am not sure that I will ever have the insight or wisdom to understand the ripples of this moment in time. However, I do know that the negative ripples are negatively affecting the health and well being of people, nature and spirit.  And people who are not healthy do not have the energy and clarity to help change the story.  So in these times, when I see the health and wellbeing of people around me being dragged down by so much stress, fear and anger, I wish I was a doctor and could write prescriptions.  No, not those prescriptions, but instead the healing prescriptions of gratitude, rest, movement, silence, connection and nourishment. 


And while I am not a doctor and cannot legally prescribe anything, I have decided to write a series of prescriptions for those seeking to begin a process of healing in order to change the “charge” of the ripples around them.  These prescriptions are for those seeking to heal and nurture their health so that they can become a ripple that changes the story.


Today’s prescription is to practice and embrace gratitude.  Let’s start by thinking about the meaning of gratitude.  Gratitude is so much more than being thankful.  It is deep within your core and is meant to radiate out.  Close your eyes and say the words, “I am grateful” slowly and deliberately.  Then while breathing deeply— long inhalation and long exhalation — allow yourself to be filled with gratitude.  With each breath visualize what you are grateful for and let the pictures dance across your mind.  Are you grateful for your life?  Your family? Your home? Your health? The clean air and water that nourishes you?  The beauty of nature? The nourishing food that fills your plate? Take time to visualize the gifts of body, mind and spirit that are given to you with each inhalation and exhalation. 


Can you feel your mind slowing down? Your heart opening? Is a sense of lightness filling you? Do you feel your stress melting away?  Are you able to see the challenges in front of you from a state of clarity?  Can you visualize the positive contribution you can make to solve the problems in front of us?  You cannot see those solutions when your stress level is high, your mind is cluttered and anger distorts your vision.  But you can see solutions when gratitude fills the space.


It takes time to nurture living in a state of gratitude, but doing so will change your reaction to the negative ripples.  You will have the energy and health to send a positive ripple back in reply that is louder, stronger and reverberates farther.


So for today,  I prescribe for you the practice of cultivating gratitude and letting it radiate from you and into our world. 



                                                      In Health and Balance,




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