Program Offerings

A free 1 hour health history consultation is available before starting the Signature Programs.   
Consultations are available in person for the Charlottesville area and by phone or via Skype for all other areas.
Choose the option that works best for you:

There are 5 wonderful program offerings for you to choose from.  All of the programs are aimed at guiding you on your unique path of health and wellness.  You will receive individual attention from me as we partner to create your vision and work to make lifestyle changes that support your goals.  


10 Day Sugar Cleanse   

This program is a do-it-yourself type program with lots of support.  Are you ready to shake the sugar beast that took over your brain (and maybe your belly) over the long winter months?  Are you ready to break the hold that sugar has on you?  Don't wait! This program is fun, easy and gets you started on your way to a happy, healthier you.  In my 10 Day Sugar Cleanse program you will receive:

  • Daily emails complete with daily action steps,
  • Menu suggestions and shopping lists, 
  • Recipes,
  • Inspiration through video and article links
  • Individual support from me  

The program is designed to fit easily into your busy lifestyle. No deprivation or unpalatable concoctions to drink. This program will help you take control of your sugar cravings and teach you to reduce or eliminate added sugars in your diet. Side effects may include: improved digestion, weight loss, increased energy, better sleep, reduced stress and improved focus.

The cost of the 10 Day Sugar Cleanse program is $45.00. 

Start Your 10 Day Sugar Cleanse Today!

Signature Programs


6-Month Individual Program  

Are you looking to make lasting lifestyle changes that will support your health long term?  Then the 6-month Individual Program is just what you are looking for. In this personalized program you will receive:

  • 2 one hour sessions per month;
  • Resources/handouts/recipes;
  • Customized Session Options (i.e. pantry makeover consultation, cooking lesson, grocery store tour)
  • Email/phone support between sessions;
  • Detailed session notes with action steps.

The cost of the 6-Month Individual Program is $156/month.

6-Month Family Program     

Are you looking to improve the health and balance of your family?  Then this program is the perfect fit for a couple/family looking to make changes together.  This program includes all of the benefits of the individual program with the flexibility of switching session attendees, coming as a “group” and/or having one point person guide the dietary questions for the family.  In this program you will receive:

  •  2 one hour sessions per month
  • (one point person in family, switch session attendees, parent/child or couple);
  •  Resources/handouts/recipes;
  •  Customized Session Options (i.e pantry makeover consultation, cooking lesson, grocery store tour)
  •  Email/phone support between sessions;
  •  Detailed session notes with action steps.

The cost of the 6-Month Family Program is  $200/month.

One Hour Consultation


Are you looking for help with adjusting and fine tuning your vision of health and wellness?  Then a one hour consultation may be just what you are looking for.  A one hour consultation includes session notes and action steps to help you achieve your goals.


The cost of a One Hour Consultation is $95.

Maintenance Program for “Graduates”

Have you completed your 6 month program, but would like on-going support as you continue to fine tune your health goals?  Take you health goals to the next level as we work together to customize a Maintenance Program that meets your needs.  This program includes:

  • 1 in person session per month;
  • Email support between sessions;
  • Customize sessions to include simple cooking lesson, grocery store tour, pantry makeover advice;
  • Detailed session notes with action steps.




"I went to Kathleen experiencing vague but disturbing health and digestive issues. She was very positive and supportive in helping me identify what changes I could make, and more importantly, stick with for the long haul. I am very happy with the results and feel much better, have a more positive outlook and feel very upbeat about my health issues. I achieved some benefits I didn't even foresee, like a decrease in arthritis joint pain in my hands after changing my diet, even a little. I would be confident in recommending her. I found her very ethical and professional as well." (M.S. 8/2018)


"Kathleen was my partner and guide during a very difficult time in my life. Thanks to her, I have new techniques to reduce stress and changes in my diet that helped me lose weight and feel better.  We met twice a month for six months. At our meetings Kathleen helped me think about what was new and good in my life, explored ways to address the challenges I was facing, and set goals for me to work on until our next visit. She gave me delicious recipes and introduced me to new ingredients and foods and hobbies. I now make my own pickles!

Thanks to Kathleen's coaching, I have a healthier digestive system and feel more centered as I face my challenges. I am more comfortable in my body and I enjoy exercising again. Even though we do not meet anymore, I have a notebook full of notes that Kathleen generated from our meetings. I have recipes, websites, worksheets and more that help me continue to follow her guidance for achieving a healthy balance in my life. I am very grateful. She is wonderful!" (M.G. 3/2017)


"I have worked with Ms. Dubovsky for six months in her capacity as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. In those six months, I have not only seen a marked difference in the way that I approach diet and exercise but also at much deeper "lifestyle" levels. As a 51 year old former athlete, I have consistently wavered over the years between being fit/healthy/eating right vs out of shape/overweight/eating poorly. Working with Kathleen has helped me to contextualize my priorities within the larger framework of achieving a healthy lifestyle. By examining the core issues of my approach and mental psyche, I have been able to more comfortably and naturally integrate diet, exercise, and meditation. Kathleen takes a very holistic view of health and helps to re-frame priorities and examine motivation at the critical root. She is patient and kind, but more importantly tailors her program to the individual needs and mental makeup of the person. As a result of working with Kathleen, I have lost weight, improved my diet, and have a much more balanced daily lifestyle. Thank you Kathleen."  (M.C. 9/2016)



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