Stuck in Place

Do you have those areas in your house that you walk past every day but rarely see?  I have just such a place by my backdoor.  I go in and out of that door countless times a day, but rarely do I "see" the things stored on the shelves just beside the door on the porch.  The collection of shoes, gardening tools, treasures from nature lay in a hodgepodge type of organization.  If I need my clippers, I know exactly where they are; however, to the untrained eye, finding my clippers would involve a 15-minute search.

One day this past week, as I was coming into the house, something in the hodgepodge of belongings looked odd.  Some stray pieces of grass caught my eye.  "That's odd," I thought,  "Why would James' shoe have pieces of grass sticking out of the top?"  Upon closer inspection, I noticed that James' shoe had become a nest with two small eggs carefully tucked inside.  His shoes had been "stuck in place" for so long that a family moved in!  That little scene created a tumble of thoughts:

       Thought #1 -- "Wow. James hasn't used those shoes in quite a while.  Maybe they should be cleaned and given away."  I felt the itch of a good purging session coming on.  

       Thought #2 -- "Wow. How wonderful!  A little Carolina Wren trusted us enough to build so close to our door despite the constant traffic from 2 people and one very inobservant dog."  

        Thought #3 -- "Wow.  How many times in life have I been stuck in place like that shoe? And has that been good or not so good?" 

The most intriguing of my thoughts is Thought #3.  Just looking at the nest in the shoe made me think about times in life when I have been stuck in place. Sometimes stillness and silence in life is necessary and good.  When you are stuck in place in the positive sense, it is time to nest (no pun intended).  It is a time to refuel, redefine, reflect and re-emerge with a new sense of creativity or purpose.  You come out of the experience energized and committed to pursuing your life's purpose and achieving your goals. Sometimes very lovely changes grow out of that type of nest.

However, there is another type of being stuck in place.  Sometimes we literally become motionless and forget the role and importance of physical movement in our lives. Sometimes we become stuck in unhealthy patterns of dieting.  Sometimes we become stuck in a cycle of negative thinking or hold onto old stories of ourselves that no longer serve us.  When you are stuck in this way, there is no re-energizing or re-emerging. Instead, you are stuck on a type of hamster wheel.  Your lack of physical activity negatively affects your emotional and physical wellbeing.  Your unhealthy eating patterns negatively affect your ability to be physically active which in turn negatively affects your mood. Your stuck thought patterns take away the desire to be physically active and you give up on making healthy food choices.  Do you see the cycle forming? Can you relate to ever having been stuck in this sense?

If you are in the stillness of nesting, embrace the quiet and celebrate the positive changes that are about to emerge.  

However, if you are stuck in the negative sense, like on one of those hamster wheels, then it might be time to put your self-care first and break away from the old patterns and onto a new path filled with energy, health, balance and creativity.  You don't have to stay stuck.  Taking small steps every day to make lifestyle choices that support your health and balance is best way to get off the wheel and onto that new path!.

I would love to hear your thoughts below!
                                                            In Health and Balance,


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Thursday, July 13, 2017 3:32 pm
What an interesting find and one that you would not have noticed if not for an eye for the unusual. Sometimes we need to look from a different perspective to recognize how being situated in a mode can be a lot like rocking in a chair. It gives you something to do, but you don't go anywhere. Love the analogy and the image.