What Did the Apple Say to the Butternut Squash?

Tonight I was at a loss about what to make for dinner.  And once again I decided to rely on my typical method of searching the kitchen for ingredients to throw together.  As I looked around the kitchen I found the perfect partners for dinner -- a butternut squash, a honey crisp apple and some fresh ginger.  


I was giddy over my find and felt like I had hit the jackpot in a scavenger hunt.  Soon a small amount of olive oil was heating in the bottom of my stock pot.  I then peeled and cut the butternut squash into small pieces and added them to the pot.  I chopped the apple into pieces, leaving the peel on, and added that to the pot also.  I then took a small piece of the ginger, approximately 1/2 inch, peeled and chopped that too and threw it in.  


As the pieces sizzled softly and the aromas of fall harvest filled the kitchen, I stood and stirred and appreciated the simple ingredients that were soon to be a nutritious meal.  While the butternut squash and apple softened I added some onion powder (alas no onions in the house!) and sprinkled in a little turmeric.  After a few more stirs, I added 4 cups of bone broth and a cup of water.  (I am sure that organic vegetable broth could easily be substituted for the bone broth if you prefer a vegetarian option).  Then I put a cover on the pot, lowered it to a simmer and let the magic happen.  

After about 25 minutes, I took my potato masher and mashed the pieces.  I like my soups to have some texture so the potato masher method was quick and easy and gave me just the right amount of "lumpiness" for my taste.  If you prefer a creamier texture, pureeing could easily be done when the soup is cool. 


Finally when it was time for dinner, the soup was served with a bit of fresh nutmeg grated on top.


A warm, cozy, simple meal of fresh ingredients and packed with nutrition.  This soup can be a side dish or a light meal by itself. Serve with a salad, and it's a perfect, and nutritious, way to end a busy day!

So have fun in the kitchen.  Experiment with the ingredients you have on hand.  And find health and balance in the meals you eat!



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