Which Came First? The Chicken or the Egg? And Does That Really Matter?

You guessed it. Lately I have been thinking about food and its role in my life and in the lives of my clients.  Do we eat to live or live to eat?  Do balanced, healthy diets enable us to achieve our goals and live our purposes? Or does the intentional, focused pursuit of our goals enable us to eat balanced, healthy diets?  Does it matter which one comes first?

Let’s look at a couple of hypothetical examples:

In our first example, let’s say that your diet is pristine by health column advice standards, and you have an incredible dedication to a workout routine, but you are still tired and do not have the energy to do the job you love. You feel like you are battling your body as you try to stick to the popular diet for this season. In our second example, let’s say that you find yourself consuming vast amounts of sugar and carbs while you spend your day in a job that no longer resonates with you.  You are always hungry no matter how much food you eat. You are exhausted, foggy headed and bloated. 

Both scenarios are examples of imbalances in diet and lifestyle.  In the first example, you are most likely following a diet that is not right for you and your individual needs even though it is the one splashed across every headline.  Not having the energy to follow your life’s purpose is not a balanced and healthy life no matter how many veggies you consume or carbs you avoid.  In the second example, the dissatisfaction in your career life is creating cravings in your dietary life as your body tries to deal with the increased stress levels.  No matter how many carbs and how much sugar you consume, until you find a way to love what you do, the imbalance will wreak havoc on your diet.

My personal philosophy is that a healthy life is one that embraces balance, but I also believe that it’s not balance in the literal sense of 50-50.  The balance we should seek is very individual and shifts and changes frequently over the course of our lives. Health and Balance involve all aspects of our lives:  ups vs downs, socializing vs solitude, healthy diet vs indulgences, chores vs creative pursuit, rest vs activity.  The ratio that means balance for us might be 40 - 60 or 90 - 10.  And that is fine, if you can recognize it and honor it as "your balance".  It is when you ignore what you need to do to achieve your individual balance, or you try to live by someone else’s definition of balance, that things go awry. 

So back to the chicken and the egg…. does diet lead to balance which leads to a healthy, happy life? Or does balance in career, relationships, spirituality and exercise lead to a happy, healthy diet?  It doesn’t matter.  What really matters is that you spend time every now and again looking at what is happening in your life, being curious (without passing judgment) about any areas of imbalance and then take steps to try to balance things out.  When career/relationships/spirituality/exercise and diet are balanced you will know.  You will have energy and focus, you will feel well rested, you will have time for hobbies and relationships and you will enjoy food, but will not be controlled by it.  

Remember that all components of our lives are Interwoven and when balanced they equal Wellness.

Contact me anytime if you want help defining your path to balance.
                                                                                                                                             In Health and Balance,



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